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Acoustic Guitar & Vocal Only Project

~From EP To LP~

I made a new album cover.. yes you heard that album cover!!! I have decided to make this upcoming all important project an album instead of the usual EP. I just about have the first two songs in the bag and I was so happy with their naked bare bones natural sound that I wanted to do more of my songs this way:) So instead of 5-6 songs we now are looking at a for sure 10!!
Here are the chosen ones:
1. My Home
2. Travel My Love
3. Vibe With Me
4. Let The Girl
5. Does My Soul Even Have A Mate
6. All It Takes
7. When The Darkness Turns To Light
8. Ivy
9. I'm Grateful For You
10. Feelings For Desiree
This Album as I said before is to present my songs in the clearest way possible and to have the best produced documentation I can achieve of my material to submit for opportunities. This is perfect due to the upcoming planned campaigns I have in place to promote my music on a bigger scale.

~Here Is A Sample Of The LP~

This will give you an idea of how stripped down(one acoustic only & one vocal only) the songs will be. No added bullshit..just me and my martin acoustic guitar. Hehehe I should of named this album 'Me And MR Martin' hehehe. The example below is 'My Home'

'I Ain't Seen You' & 'Goodbye Babe' Are Available

*Side Note*

I have opened a new very important chapter in my life!! And that chapter is actually my whole story hehe:) I have decided to share spiritual path wisdom and guidance to all that ask for it. When a calling becomes so clear it is beyond describing I believe God has given you your map so to speak. But to be clear.. nothing changes musically.. I am still in hot pursuit of finding an audience for my songs.
I think that about covers it for now.. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families my beautiful friends.
~Love Brandon~

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