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Baby Steps Of The Consistent Kind!

Hello my friends!!! I wanted to post an update and say hi! Just played my first gig in years last Friday the 23rd. at Taste Coffee Shop in east Aurora. What a beautiful place and town!!!! It had that old fashioned feel to it with that cool little small town vibe going on. East Aurora and Taste Coffee Shop are just wonderful places to visit and hangout. I want to thank my friends who bravely followed me down a never ending country road until we finally found this hidden little town... I love you guys!!!!!!!! It meant the world to me!! This was such an important little show for me being that this would be the first time I performed my own written songs. Of course I was sick!! But that didn't stop anything.. I only played about ten out of 25 + original songs but the feeling I will not soon forget. I'm hooked!! The second set featured my friend and student John Ben playing guitar an bass. He just began taking lessons from me in like May and through hard work he has become a performer already! The reaction to the music was a great one from friends,strangers, and employees who said it was some of the best music they have had there. Taste has confirmed Nov 19th( a Sat.) they will have us back for a three set show. I also would like to mention that other shows will be announced soon.
The other steps that are being taken are copyright and home recording studio setup. I will be rerecording and mixing,mastering my entire 25+ song catalog. The songs will be available many places including my website. More details will be forthcoming. The songs are also going to be shown to music publishers to see if they attract interest. With the final recordings They should sound good anywhere you play them because they will be mixed through studio monitors. So thats kinda where I'm at. Trying to professionally release this big batch of tunes that I have written so I can move on to the next batch. And believe me when I tell you they will be entering the world left and right.
Head to my website and sign up for the mailing list if interested to stay updated. Many cool things will be unfolding from this point on. This thing will build slowly but surely! The goal is to build the mailing list so when I release the upcoming song downloads I will have potential buyers. I will be pouring all I have into these songs so I promise they will have heart. So join me!!!! Sign up for my mailing list today for updates and I will be(seeing) singing for you soon hehehe
~Love Brandon~

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