Fun Little Blues Jam Video Of My Song Forever To Nothing Blues.

Hello friends!! I wanted to share this little blues jam of my song Forever To Nothing Blues with you and post a studio update. First I will tell you about this video. I played a backing track through my pa system that has drums,bass,and rhythm guitar. So an imaginary band.. Hmmmm Brandon and the imaginary's ?
Hahahaha Anyways, I sang with no mic and played my strat low through my Fender amp as it was a late night session. It turned out ok I think:) P.S There will be a blues EP in my near future. These kind of videos will improve as I will crank everything up a bit and use a mic during the day. Hope you like:)
My recording studio update: I just finished"Ivy" the third track of the upcoming EP . This is an acoustic mellow love song for no one... I guess:) So......... I have three tracks completed out of five. Almost there!!
I'm Grateful For You is going over good on Soundcloud and is for sale on Itunes
And most other music retailers. You can also purchase it below:)
My EP release show is drawing near!! March 4th only marks the beginning of my solo artist songwriting career. I have so much to share and I certainly will:) Follow along as it could get interesting very soon:)

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