Getting Started In Pittsburgh, Plan Changes, And Life In General Changes.

Taking The Show To Pittsburgh

Hello my closest friends!!

I have taken the plunge and made the move to Pittsburgh Pa!! It has been a challenging adventure to say the least. But the living situation is coming together and I am trying to book shows in the city as we speak. I also am putting together a make shift recording studio here at the townhouse...Soundproofing the studio and making it work. This will yield a definitive demo of some of my better work over the past few years and allow me to clear the slate..writing new material.
The plan change I speak of is with the vocal/acoustic one take album. Its done but I wanna go in the direction of more vocal parts an guitar parts on the upcoming demo. This demo after all will represent me as far as a record goes for now. I will sell it at shows and submit it to opportunities.
I apologize for being gone so long!! Life definitely happened but now there is balance. I have started writing again and new music is a definite in the near future.
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Stick Around My Friends For Some Exciting Times Coming Up!!

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