Hello My Friends!!This Is A Recording Studio Update.

My 2nd self produced EP Rectify is two songs away from release. I am thinking Aug. maybe. I have released the single "Vibe With Me" and have finished production with Gone/When The Darkness Turns To Light(Acoustic) & The electric band version. Both acoustic and electric versions will be on the EP. I had a hard time deciding which one to use so my dad recommended both. I am doing a bit better on the recording and getting a little better sound this time around. I have been studying recording engineering, mixing, and mastering so some things I have improved. I live on a very busy city street corner(Ghetto Soundproofing) and am truly doing my very best to get better at this every time. So with the improvements this EP will be released worldwide!!!!
I am having to cancel shows and events left and right due to not having a running car or a reliable ride so all my efforts will be put into growing my presence on Spotify/Twitter/Soundcloud..ect... I have been getting amazing feedback on my material so I have great faith in what I do. You have to hehe.
Spotify is where to stream my music/follow/share/add to playlists ect. It helps me so much!

Here Is Some Behind The Scenes Footage Of Recording "Rectify"

During A Break In Recording My EP I Finished Writing "Together" & Produced A Nice Simple Version Of It To Share.

In Other News

"I am grateful for you"
~Love Brandon~

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