I Have Made The Official Video For The Single "I'M GRATEFUL FOR YOU" On The Cusp Of My Debut EP "REACHING OUT" Release Show.

I had put out a video for this before but had to change it for promo purposes. I hope you enjoy the song:)
The recording process is almost done for this release. I am just finishing up "Let The Girl Do What She Wants To. Let the girl.. has been changed from a full rock band sound to an acoustic version due to time constraints. The songs have been mixed and mastered to the point where I will do some final polishing. This is the first professional album production I have ever been a part of and I did all of it myself! It's not perfect but I think its pretty freaking good!! I did all of the recordings, mixing, and mastering. I learned a bunch of tricks along the way about the whole process.
I still have much to learn but I think the songs will come across great!
The finished songs will be sent in to the distributor and will be available for download before the release date. You will be able to download the EP from my websitehttp://www.brandonlaspada.net and I will be selling it at my shows in person for $5. I am ordering 100 4"x4" stickers with the album artwork on them and the download code on the back peelable  paper. So cool!!!
The March 4th EP release show at Taste Coffee in East Aurora is right around the corner. This show is just the beginning. I am on the verge of booking as many gigs as possible. I want to promote this EP at all of them. I believe in these songs and I think you will feel the heart in them.

Follow me on Spotify by clicking on the above button!!! That's right "I'm Grateful For You" is streaming on Spotify!! If I get up to 250 followers on my account I can be verified and get all kinds of benefits that will bring my music to a bigger audience. I would have a chance to give many people a smile and thats what my goal is. To give people a heartfelt experience and share feelings that we may have in common through music.

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