I Think Its Time For An Update:)

~1st. Update~
Our Sound Got An Upgrade:)

I think you are gonna like the beautiful full sound this guitar delivers:) I never was a fan of the dreadnought acoustics due to their bulky size. My hands always felt too far away and awkward when trying to play my normal approach. But when you hear this guitar you will know why I went for it. So see if you hear the difference coming up here.

Next Update ~ YouTube & Instagram Snippet Videos Are Getting An Upgrade!!

I have been recording all the videos with my phone up to this point. Which delivers HD but the audio is bad!! That is not a good thing when your trying to make quality music videos. The new video recording device I will be using will have excellent audio quality(Condenser mics) & Full HD so I think you will see and especially hear the difference in my upcoming music videos & posts:)

The Single For My Next EP Has Been Announced!!!!

Vibe With Me will be the single coming out on my birthday June 4th:) I have wrapped up production on it and I am very happy with it!! If you recall my last single release "I'm Grateful For You"from Reaching Out it was an acoustic guitar / vocal only performance. Which I love !! When a song is presented with an acoustic /vocal only format you get to hear the true nature of the song. Every song I write has to hold its own bare naked before I commit. For one I play my gigs solo and for two if the song sounds great with acoustic/voice it will sound great in a band:)
Vibe With Me was written acoustic but I recorded it as a ROCKER!!! Drums, Bass, Over driven guitars, A guitar solo, & vocals. It turned out awesome and I really think you will love it:)
I would like to mention the track list for my upcoming EP Rectify (in no specific order)
1. Vibe With Me
2. Gone
3.Mother Please Forgive
4.I'll Wait For You By The Window
5.When The Darkness Turns The Light
Vibe With Me is ready for June 4th release(My 40th B-day by the way)and I am nearing the mix stage for "Gone" . Next I will begin" When The Darkness.." which I have plans on making a big production(more tracks than usual). When I complete that song I will announce the release date for the EP Rectify.

~Upcoming Events~
Thur. 11th - Stamps The Bar(doors open 6pm)

Sat. 27th- Taste Coffee Acoustic&Electric Set
Sat.17th-Sun.18th Buffalo Riverfest
We will have a tent selling cookies& playing music.
Other Events May Pop Up In June.
TBA(Waiting on dates)
Brandon's School Of Guitar Acoustic Soiree
Sat. 19th Outwater Park
More info soon.


~Other Plans~

1.Talk Coffee And I will be organizing a can drive in July.
2. I am putting in for more shows so some may pop up.
3 .A huge boost in my YouTube presence when camera arrives.(Subscribe Today)
4. Live performances on Twitter!!!
Much Much More!!!!

                                                                Enjoy the warmer weather my friends!!! Talk soon:)
                                                                                                                                        Love Brandon:)

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