It's Finally Out!!! Vibe With Me Is Worldwide!!

A Little Bit About This Song.

Vibe With Me was written about one year ago and it was originally written on the acoustic. Here is the acoustic version from last year when this song was born.

Back Log Of Songs.

So with this song being a year old you can see the back log of my songs I am trying to get out.. While new ones are coming to me all the time this becomes constant recording studio time.
I wrote this one about two lovers in their own little world... From my point of view.. No one really in mind just dreaming away hehe. This song is for sale everywhere pretty much. Here is a direct link. 
In other news... I have two songs remaining to produce (record) and the RECTIFY EP will be released. I think you will really like this one.. Early word on the finished songs is very good so I'm hoping.
I also finished "Together" for the food drive. I will record it and maybe make a little live video of it to show you:)
Once this EP is out and even before that I am writing again to hopefully expand my catalog and make my recording studio life HELL!!! :) I have roughly 30 and many in the works.
I want to thank all of my close fans/friends/family that are with me 100% on this journey. You are loved!!! And I promise the very best music I can write! This journey will be a successful one in time,hard work,and your awesome support:)
Love ~Brandon~

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