It's Official!! My "Branching Out" EP Is Headed Your Way March 4th.

This is one very exciting announcement! After much thought and planning on how I was going to introduce myself to the music world on a bigger level this EP is my resolution. I also was asked by my new friends at Taste Coffee Shop if I would book another show with them in March. They said the customers were asking when I may play there again so I figured why not combine the two events.
I am a DIY musician through & through so I will be producing, promoting, and performing it myself. Although I will be grateful for any help on the promo end.
The five songs that will be on the EP will be selected from the list of songs I have written over the course of the last year & a half. I have about thirty. I also will be releasing a single from this EP shortly after the new year. The single is a song that I have been performing recently but have yet to record properly. "I'm Grateful For You" is nearly complete and is sounding great! I will announce the other selections soon. The show at Taste coffee has now pretty much become a release party(Event). I will have more info on that as it approaches. I do know I play from 7-10pm so I will perform the EP and probably all my other written songs as well.
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I just want to say I love and appreciate all of you my friends / fans! I truly write to connect with you and hopefully brighten your day.
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!

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