My Debut EP Reaching Out Is Here!!!!!!

This EP has been a long time coming!! I started playing guitar with big dreams when I was 15 years old. It was pretty much known that I was gonna be a guitarist someday in some form. It's all I ever wanted to do. I would say I began singing with the guitar a few years into it. Maybe 19 or 20 years old. My main education with playing and singing came from the Beatles.. Many others as well but they were the main influence when it came to that. Now around this time as well I fell in love with the blues.. Digging deep!!! At this point I was playing everyday and shooting to be an unreal guitar player. Studying many styles of guitar and putting it all together.

Years past by and I started getting tons better at playing and had a chance to form a band with some friends. This band was Electric Bread. A blues power trio jamming Hendrix, SRV, and just tons of blues based music. We played shows locally for years honing my chops to a level I never thought I'd get to. That was a great time!!! But something was calling me and by the time I figured out what it was my drinking was ruining my health. It was a downward spiral of depression, anxiety, and alcohol. Throwing up blood and bile every morning for months until finally my liver and kidneys started to quit. Now I just summed up some of the pain I put myself through and probably could write a book on that horrid experience but lets move on to the positive.

That thing I mentioned that was missing during my days of performing in a blues band was songwriting. I certainly couldn't begin a solo artist singer~songwriter career in the health I was in so here is what happened. I looked in the mirror at my yellow jaundice eyes and said to myself. "You either quit and pray for your health to come back or keep drinking and die in a few days or so.

That was it !!!!!! I some how quit on my own (which is never a good idea without rehab) . For the sake of keeping this brief I will sum things up.. I quit and basically took a year of doing nothing but healing and did just that. I began playing guitar again and also began practicing songwriting. The songwriting was frustrating as hell at first. But my next big life change was about to fix that.
Meditation!!!! It got to work on my mental state almost right away. And before long my Kundalini awoke forever changing my life for the better. Hahaha now this part of the journey could be a book for sure. So I will just speak of how it effected my music.
The effect it had right away was a confidence and absolute direction for my music path. I believed in myself for the first time in my life. That was awesome:) Also my songwriting creativity opened up and allowed my heart to honestly speak for the first time. So WOW!!!! A miracle comeback and life passion found!! I now am a songwriter and of course guitarist on a mission to get his message out.
I began writing around May 2015 and stopped somewhere around the summer of 2016 to begin making an online presence and record this EP Reaching Out. So as humble as this little debut release is.. it means the world to me to be at this point considering in 2013 I was expecting my death.
So... There is a very summed up insight to the path and winding road to this solo artist singer~songwriter release. I should have titled it "Blessings". Below is a video interview of what the songs on the EP are about.

This EP began with recording "My Home" when I first got my studio gear. This song was written around May 2015 and I thought it was a good one right away so I kept it basic. Just acoustic and voice talking about home and how it has changed over the years.

With my limited recording skills and new studio gear I tried my best to get this song represented well.

The next song would be "Travel My Love" . This would be my biggest production to date and I think it took me a good month to get the tracks for this. The mixing of so many tracks would prove to be a big learning experience. This song was tough to get from brain to finished file hehehe. This capture of it was not too bad I would say. Of course I'm never fully satisfied with my results but I've learned where the line roughly is between letting a song go or to keep working on it.

Next song would end up being the single from the EP "I'm Grateful For You". This one turned out to be the clearest recording on the EP and went fast. Another acoustic guitar and vocal track. This song is about all the so called friends that you encounter in life but in the end there is always that one person or small group of people who you can count on and are grateful for.

The next song "IVY"was me describing how I hoped this new girl I met would be. And my hopes were for nothing. So I would say that IVY is written about that "dream girl" that you hope becomes a reality

The last song I recorded was "Let The Girl". This song was supposed to have drums, bass, and ect but that didn't work out so I just decided to do it acoustically. This was the first song I wrote in this 30 song marathon. I would say around 5-15. This was about a past relationship that I had a hard time getting over. So I was talking to myself and trying to motivate the moving on thing. Easier said than done with a broken heart still filled with love for that person. Music can always help vent those emotions.

This process of doing everything myself was crazy but a great learning experience. I can give you a brief list of what I went through.

1. Write the songs and record demos to hear the songs back in a general reference kinda way
2.Start trying to get a small but growing presence on social platforms like Twitter,Instagram ect. so that entails daily posts on all platforms.
3.Begin the actual recording takes

4.Start promoting the upcoming EP
5.Declare a single and promo that.
7.Daily posts...Daily posts...Daily posts...
8.Mix the EP... This is the challenging part for sure. This is really where you shape everything.

9. Make videos...Make videos...Make videos...
10.Master the EP.
11.All the while building the EP up online.
12. Pray....Pray...Pray...
13. Meditate......Meditate....Meditate...
14. Release..

15. Book shows like crazy.
16. Sell EP.

There is way more to it than what I have listed here but I wanted to give an idea.
So I hoped I talked you into buying it and sharing it everywhere hehehe Just kidding... Well not really:)
I will see you out there somewhere playing these songs and many more live. I am just beginning this music career path thing so stay with me and see what I do next!! More solo acoustic shows playing my songs, More EPs(a blues EP as well), More videos, and more growth.
Thank you my friends.

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