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My First Single "My Home" Is Available On My Website!!

Also Available On My New Bandcamp Page!!

Hello my wonderful music family!! This is an update from State Of Mind Studios. I named it after my live band :) I have recorded my first single "My Home" now available on my website and Bandcamp for download & purchase. So go grab that for $ 0.99 and enjoy! "My Home" is in the process for release on all major music retailers including ITunes, Spotify, and the like. I will keep you posted if you prefer to shop through those music services. Also a reminder that I will be performing my tunes and a few covers at Taste Coffee Shop in East Aurora with my live band State of mind Nov. 19th 7:30 pm. Ohhh the address is 634 Main st. I hope to see you there to kick off the holiday season with some great music, coffee, and friends.
After the upcoming Taste Coffee show I will be hibernating in my recording studio with my beautiful lover Veronica:) Recording all of my songs to as close to perfection as possible. Upon completion of each song I will release it as a single. I have about ten to twelve of those which means professional sounding tunes will be appearing on the radar (internet) a few times a month. When all 26 songs are recorded I will release two albums sometime down the road. I think you guys and gals will love the production/ performance of these versions! For now the single song releases will be available on my website and Bandcamp for purchase. As stated above in a few weeks they will be available at all major music retailers.
I am overall trying to do a few things over this winter. Professionally record my song catalog, get them available on all major music retailers,promote them at a level far exceeding what I have done before, and begin my songwriting process again.
I hope you all decide to purchase my new single "My Home" and maybe mention to a friend. Anything helps!! I need to build my fan base (mailing list) & get those great sounding recordings (songs) out to the fans. So when the winter is over hopefully I have promoted my music properly and built a sizable fan base. Then in spring/summer 2017 I can book shows like crazy with songs to sell and just more momentum in general.
Thank you for being a part of my heart and sharing the music:)
Love Brandon:)

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