New Video Out"Let The Girl Do What She Wants To" Acoustic Jam .

Hello my friends:) I have been working very hard at taking my music to the next level. Day in and day out I am trying to find more interested music fans. This little captured acoustic jam was recorded between tasks in my" to do list" of the day. I didn't even put my guitar strap on or mic this but I thought it would be cool to share. Instagram seemed to like it with over 50 views in one day!!! Thats a lot for lil ole me:) So I hope this little video will sway you to SUBSCRIBE to my channel:)
This song will be on the March 4th release(Reaching Out EP) In full rock band format!! The lyrics of this song are a conversation with myself. I am trying to convey to myself that the girl just don't love you anymore so why try to stick around. You cant control freewill and you dont want to hahaha. So let her do what she wants to do and move on. True Story!!
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