Production For My Next EP Has Begun!!!

I am so excited to announce this!!!!! The title I believe I have settled on is "Rectify" This title was chosen because it sums up my life progression in the recent past to present. I am already well into recording the first song. This EP will be recorded with me having more know how and sound proofing that it should turn out very professional. Not that my debut EP Reaching Out sounded bad but there were a few recording mistakes ect. that I have cleaned up a bit. Plus I had to get an EP out so I had something for people to reference when they were looking for my original songs. I sincerely hope you enjoyed and continue to enjoy Reaching Out as those songs are a main stay for me.
Here are the tracks that I have selected for Rectify

1. Vibe With Me
2. When The Darkness Turns To Light
3. I'll Wait For You By The Window
4.Mother Please Forgive
Four of these songs have been demoed and "Gone" is the newbie. I of course will do an interview and other things to let you all in on the process of this EP. Artwork is in the brainstorming process. The single for this EP will be "Vibe With Me" and I will announce it's release in a few days at the most. I truly think this will be a great EP as I will pour my entire being into it. When you can say that.. you can have a chance at capturing magic:)

My First Review From The Band
Kerosene Stars


I'm Really Getting Things In Motion Now:)

I have applied for some shows and festivals so I am hoping for lots of cool announcements coming up. If you haven't yet signed up for my music newsletter family now is the time!!! I will be sharing the whole EP experience with my newsletter family. Its gonna be so much fun!!! So sign up today and be a part of this:) Sign up here~
Talk to you soon my friends:)

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