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~Rectify Is Finished~

It will be released 7~3~17 This coming Monday!!!! My last and debut EP Reaching Out was released 3~4~17 so I am doing pretty well on getting my back log out. The only newly written song on Rectify is titled "Gone" The others were written back in my 2015~2016 outburst of songs.
~ RECTIFY track list~
1. Vibe With Me (Electric B Band) (Single from EP)
2. Gone
3. When The Darkness Turns To Light (Electric B Band)
4. I'll Wait For You By The Window
5. Mother(Earth) Please Forgive
6.When The Darkness Turns To Light

Some Artwork & Pictures From The Production.

The Single "Vibe With Me"

Thank You To My Friends/Fans !!!!!

I am always excited to share my songs with you:) I will leave you with some ways to experience my music and join my journey below. The Rectify EP will be available everywhere (Most Places) you listen to your music Monday 7~3~17

~Love Brandon~

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