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The "My Home" Music Video Is Out!!

"My Home" Is Available Everywhere!

My first single "My Home" has landed on YouTube! Just a simple video to share my song:) I will be releasing several more singles in the upcoming months. I also will be coming out with a double album when the studio sessions are complete. The title of that will be "The Soul Has Spoken Vol. 1 & 2". So recording is pretty much the main task this winter along with promotion.
"My Home" is available on ITunes/ Google Music/Bandcamp and streaming on Soundcloud/ Spotify & Pandora. So give likes, shares, comments ect. I just want to mention "My Home" has over 1000 plays on Spotify this week!! Thats a lot for me! Thanks everyone!
My next single due out in Dec. is titled "Travel My Love" This song has a full band behind it so it is a bit of a departure from "My Home". "Travel My Love" was written about my sweet soulmate Veronica and her making the decision to move across a few states to unite with me. So much goes into such a big move like this and overwhelming feelings always lead me to song. This song streams straight from my heart! I am in hopes that it will find your heart and brighten your day.
With these releases I am trying to build my following by way of promoting my website and asking new fans to sign up for my music family mailing list. I also would love to team up with other similar artists to cross promote and brainstorm this crazy music world. So email me with any ideas:) I am tinkering with the idea of a routine live broadcast like... "Live Fridays" to keep a steady presence going. More on that in Dec.
Well.... Thats about all for now. Keep an eye out for my next single "Travel My Love" and if you haven't already done so head to ITunes, Bandcamp or Google Music to get your copy of "My Home".

I wish you all a happy holidays! Links to purchase "My Home" below..... Love B

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