The Show Last Night Was Awesome!!

The feeling of playing your own songs to a big audience and seeing that they enjoy them on first listen is surreal! I can't even begin to explain in words how grateful I am for all of this. My heart is filled with joy and passion to bring the most beautiful music I can to your ears, hearts,and souls. This is only a beginning!
I want to thank the Taste Coffee family for having me!! Love you guys an gals! I want to thank my family for the wonderful support that you gave me last night and always. I felt very loved and supported by you my family. I love each and every one of you! I want to Thank my guitar student and great friend Chris for being there for me. I am grateful you are in my guitar world and it is a pleasure knowing you. I also want to thank everyone who has discovered my Reaching Out EP and saw its heart. These songs are special.. bigger than me from the Universe and created to bring positive emotion and negative release.
Please spread the word about my music and the dedication,heart, and soul I put into it. So much more on the way for years to come. People subscribing to my newsletter email, YouTube Channel, and blog help me build up and have a bigger presence and if you agree with me and the many people so far my music and talents need to be heard on a bigger scale. Lets build our own little army hehehe..
Thank You all!! You make it all worth while!!

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