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The Soul Has Spoken Studio Sessions

Hello everyone!!!! I want to welcome my new mailing list family members!!! Thank you for helping this musical movement! I love and value you for taking the time to do so. So A VERY BIG THANK YOU!
On the musical agenda is the start of "The Soul Has Spoken Studio Sessions". To those who haven't heard.. I have put together a home recording studio. So now I have become a recording studio engineer and record producer as well all from my home. And speaking of "My Home" the first song in the works is the acoustically folk driven song "My Home" I hope to have this single released by Nov 1st. Downloadable on my website and most other avenues. ITunes- Spotify and the like. It will take some time to record all of my catalog but I would say 2-3 singles released per month or so should be doable.
I also will be returning to Taste Coffee Shop playing two sets of my original music and a blues set with a few of my tunes sprinkled in. John Ben(Guitar,Bass) will be jamming out with me on the blues set. This will be a fun time for all!! Great music, Great menu,Great people in this beautiful coffee shop in East Aurora. This show is the sat. before Thanksgiving so just a wonderful time of year to enjoy an acoustic show. I may not be playing too many more shows this winter focusing on the studio work needed to be done. But when everything is recorded and released it will be time to get out there and promote! Like I have said before my main goal as of right now is to build my fan base by way of signing people up for my mailing list. And also selling my downloadable songs:)

                       So please spread the word about my music to interested people and send them to to sign up and join our music family. Lots upcoming!!! Stay Tuned!!
                                                                   Thank you my loyal friends your family to me! Love Brandon:)


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