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The First Update:

I have made a YouTube video for my unreleased song 'Fantasy'!!

This song was written about an internet relationship that included unfulfilled promises and just plain out uncertainty. "Is she real or fantasy?" Give it a listen,follow,and comment. Ohh and subscribe:)


Instead of the EP I announced .... I will be working on an all acoustic EP of 5-6 of my songs. The reason for this is that I will be submitting my original songs everywhere. Nice, simple, and clean sounding recordings of these songs will be a good way to do this in my opinion. It will show that the songs can stand on there own..Just vocal and acoustic guitar. My daughter has already designed the EP cover.

Songlist Will Be Announced Soon.

I will pick my favorites or maybe ask my fans to help me chose the song list for the acoustic EP. I also want to mention that it would be AWESOME if you all could follow my Spotify page and the playlists I promote. When you do it helps me so very much. Adding my songs to your Spotify playlists will help me big time as well. 
Instagram and Twitter are my main accounts to follow. I post daily to them both.

~Love Brandon~

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