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Introducing my songs at Taste Coffee Shop East aurora NY.

Sept. 23rd. 7:30 pm. The journey begins!

Hi everyone!!! Great news !! Sept.23rd at Taste Coffee I will be performing my own songs for the first time. Those that know me have probably wondered why it took me so long to get to this point. I will say life happens to everyone differently and this show is a blessing and miracle!!!! To be alive, writing great songs, and healthy enough to perform them and embark on a music career is God given! So thank you God first and foremost.
I have been writing songs over the course of the past year and they have much meaning. They will take you through heartbreak, death, Giving up, and making a come back.. See if you can hear some of those messages in these songs. From the first song I wrote in the days of divorce, single parenting, battling alcohol and evil demons inside to my latest song in present day with clarity of mind through meditation , God, Spiritual awakening, sobriety, and getting back on track. You see my point.. These songs certainly tell a story and are my heart. I hope you love them as I know hearing something new for the first time is sometimes boring.. I hope they get the chance I believe they deserve!
My student and long time great friend John Ben is learning my songs on bass and is working his way into the show. Well.. he is already in the blues set helping me rock out songs like "Red House", "Crossroads", "Before You Accuse Me", and "Everyday I Have The Blues". and maybe more at the Taste Coffee Shop gig. I want to mention I have a beautiful lady interested in joining me to sing backing harmonies and a drummer will be joining us at some point as well. So the future shows would look like this
SET:1 ~ Acoustic set just me Brandon.
SET:2~ Blues set. Some acoustic blues(Delta) and some power trio blues(drummer,bass me guitar vocal)
SET:3~ full band. (drummer,bass,guitar,vocal,backing vocal)
All of the above will form slowly in the coming months. Until then I will acoustically play the songs myself with my friend and student John Ben joining me in the blues set. So I am hoping to build a fan base with your help. Help me spread the word by sharing my posts,videos, songs,everything and I am trying to get everyone to visit my website and sign up for my mailing list. It will be a great help if you sign up for my mailing list and ask others who are interested to come here and sign up as well. That way when my songs are done going through copyright and available for download I can update everyone through the mailing lists.
So now is the time to support me and my music as I begin this journey!!! My main goal: Build a fan base!! And deliver great written,performed music to them regularly. Sign up for my mailing list here today!!!! Become a part of our music family!! And bring a friend! And I will see you at the show next month!!
Love Brandon:)

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